Jagex任命Marc Allera为主席,以加强领导团队👑



Jagex, the publisher of Runescape, strengthens its board by adding Allera, a former SEGA General Manager.

🎮 Jagex, the renowned publisher and developer of the Runescape franchise, has taken a bold step to amplify its leadership squad with the appointment of Marc Allera as the new Chairman of the Board. 🙌

🌟 Allera, currently serving as the CEO of BT’s Consumer Division in the UK, is no stranger to the world of gaming. With years of experience under his belt, he understands the ins and outs of consumer business, entertainment brands, and fan communities. Allera leads three of the UK’s largest consumer mobile brands – BT, EE, and Plusnet, with a whopping 30 million customer connections. 😮

💡 During his tenure at BT’s Consumer business, Allera and his team have orchestrated a magnificent transformation, rolling out exciting new products and services while also spearheading the deployment of 5G and Fiber networks.🚀 Before his time at BT, Allera served as the Chief Commercial Officer of Three, another major mobile provider in the UK.

🎮 Allera’s extensive gaming experience dates back to when he was the General Manager for SEGA UK, where he played a pivotal role in the launch of the Dreamcast. With such a diverse background, he is well-equipped to steer Jagex towards its strategic goals for RuneScape and its passionate players. ⚔️

🗣️ Phil Mansell, the CEO of Jagex, expressed his excitement about Allera joining the team, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Marc Allera as Chairman. His extensive experience in consumer business and his entrepreneurial spirit perfectly align with our strategic goals for RuneScape and our players. Marc’s expertise in large-scale consumer businesses, entertainment brands, and fan communities is ideal for the ambitions we have for taking Jagex to the next level.”

💬 Allera himself is equally delighted to be a part of the Jagex family again, saying, “I’m delighted to be joining the board of Jagex at this significant stage in its development, and being able to return to the video games industry with such a great role. I’m looking forward to using my experience with content, consumers, and communities to support Phil and his team to achieve their plans for RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and other titles, as well as working with the leadership team and new owners CVC and Haveli to invest and help drive success in this exciting next chapter for Jagex.” 🎉

🏢 Jagex, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, boasts a strong workforce of over 700 talented individuals who contribute to the company’s global operations. With the addition of Marc Allera as Chairman, the future of Jagex seems brighter than ever! 😄

🤔 Q&A: What Readers Might Ask

1. How will Marc Allera’s appointment benefit Jagex and its players?

Marc Allera brings a wealth of experience in consumer business, entertainment brands, and fan communities. With his entrepreneurial spirit and vast knowledge of large-scale consumer businesses, Allera is well-equipped to support Jagex’s strategic goals for RuneScape and provide an enhanced gaming experience for players. His expertise will likely drive innovation, introduce new products and services, and pave the way for Jagex’s success in the future.

2. What changes can we expect from Jagex with Marc Allera as Chairman?

With Allera’s leadership, Jagex may embark on exciting new ventures, capitalize on emerging technologies, and explore ways to enhance player engagement. His experience in content creation, consumer connections, and community-building will shape Jagex’s strategy, ultimately benefiting RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and the entire gaming community.

3. How will Marc Allera’s experience in the telecom industry be valuable to Jagex?

Allera’s proficiency in the telecom industry, especially with major consumer mobile brands like BT and EE, can provide valuable insights for Jagex. His knowledge of network infrastructure, emerging technologies like 5G, and creating personalized experiences for consumers will likely drive innovation in Jagex’s games and services. This could lead to improved connectivity, better multiplayer experiences, and more immersive gameplay.


4. Jagex如何利用CVC和Haveli的新所有权?

通过CVC和Haveli的新所有权,Jagex获得了额外的资源和专业知识。这种合作伙伴关系有可能为Jagex现有游戏的增长和成功提供资金,并帮助开发新游戏。Jagex的领导团队、新所有者和Marc Allera之间的合作可能会为公司及其玩家带来令人兴奋的机会。

5. 这一任命可能对整个游戏行业有什么影响?



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